Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deals! On Group Buying Sites

Group buying websites are becoming popular nowadays. These sites offer promos, discounted prices on almost anything: from food items to dining in restaurants and movie tickets to vacation deals. To name a few, we have a few popular online buying sites: Ensogo, Cash Cash Pinoy, Deal Grocer, Buyanihan, LocalRoam and Metrodeal.

First voucher that I bought was from Ensogo. It featured an overnight stay for 4 people at Mines View Park Hotel at only P1350. It even included breakfast. It was really a steal considering the hotel seemed really new. Downside was we could not buy multiple vouchers for an extended stay.

These are some of the deals that I've availed so far: 
 Metrodeal Voucher
Set of 12 Heavenly Cupcakes from
Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss for P225 instead of P900

Not worth it, cupcakes were small compared to regular cupcakes being sold nowadays. Size is comparable to the base of a regular-sized soda cup in Jollibee, slightly bigger. They also looked and tasted really ordinary. Bread/ base used seemed to be heavy and somehow a bit sticky (running out of words! :D). I can't really describe it but its texture is totally different compared to cupcakes from Frostings or Cupcakes by Sonja. It didn't have that light fluffy texture, the feeling of craving for more once you've tasted it. It tasted like, "so this is it"? If I had only seen the cupcakes beforehand, I will never buy them even for P200.
Chewy Junior Cream Puffs

I also recently bought a voucher also from Metrodeal. It was for a set of 12 Heavenly Cream Puffs from Chewy Junior: P200 instead of P439. It was also a really good deal. The cream puffs tasted good, not too sweet compared to Beard Papa. My mom and my brother even liked them considering that my brother is not fond of eating sweets. I should have bought more. :)


  1. also bought some vouchers from metrodeal, among them chewy junior :) love the cream puffs too.

  2. Pag andito ka na, libre ka namin ng J.Co! The best donut! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the review :)

    I think I bought 5 vouchers for the set of 12 Heavenly Cream Puffs from Chewy Junior. I'm excited to use it!

  4. hi! same sentiments about the mitchelle's sweet kiss cupcakes, can't believe someone would really buy that for its full price of 900! so not worth it! worst voucher deal ever! :(