Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cupcakes by Sonja

There is an extensive increase in the popularity of cupcakes nowadays. Instead of buying cakes, buying these cupcakes proves to be a better alternative since you get to enjoy different flavors that come in small servings. Also, these little cakes appear to be more enticing especially when topped with cream that comes in different colors which makes it more appealing especially to the kids and kids at heart. :) There are a lot of brands well-known in taking advantage of this cupcake fad: Frostings, Yummy Piece of Cake, Cupcakes by Sonja, just to name a few. I recently tried Cupcakes by Sonja which is found in Serendra, BGC, Taguig. A few colorful tables and chairs that remind you of an afternoon tea greet you as you enter their shop.

Their cupcakes are boxed individually just in case you decide to buy  only a few pieces. 

I tried some of their cupcakes and here goes:

I didn't like the Vanilla Sunshine, the topping seemed to be grainy, as if it was made of fondant. It was also too sweet yet still bland for my taste.
Vanilla Sunshine

I liked the Pistachio Berries and Cream and Berries and Cream. Toppings were both creamy and texture was smooth. The bread used for the cake tasted a bit creamy too and wasn't too sweet for my taste.
Pistachio Berries and Cream

Berries and Cream

The Banana Monkey Pie was extra sweet. The base was sort of grainy and seemed to be made up of crumbled sugar, mixed with banana and nuts. The frosting was so-so.

I liked the Red Velvet Vixen's frosting. Without reading the desciption, the moment I tasted it, I knew it was made of cream cheese. The bread was a bit creamy too. 

Banana Monkey Pie


Red Velvet Vixen

Vanilla Sunshine: P55
Pistachio Berries and Cream: P85
Berries and Cream: P80
Banana Monkey Pie: P85
Red Velvet Vixen: P70 
Red Velvet Vixen

Vanilla Sunshines

Cupcakes :)

Still, I find their cupcakes a bit expensive as compared to other brands. For instance, Frostings offers their Sansrival Premium cupcake for only P55 and the other Extra Premium Cakes such as Black Forest and Tiramisu at P70. There's no real notable difference in the flavor anyway and Frostings' cupcakes can be found in major malls in Metro Manila which makes it more accessible. So for me, when it comes to cupcakes, I still prefer Frostings compared to Cupcakes by Sonja as it also has a branch in Market Market and Trinoma. =P Well, that's just for me anyway. :D

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