Wednesday, February 16, 2011

China's Snow Storm

December 2007. It's been more than 3 years since my first snow encounter. :) I can still vividly remember how we all reacted upon seeing the first batch of small white substances falling into thin air...
 We were sent to Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China for training at around September 2007. Since we were all from the Philippines, where the weather is just sunny or rainy, we haven't really had any snow encounters. Then one December afternoon, a few days before Christmas (while we were all sulking as we would not be spending it with our families), I saw a few white substances near the window sill. Then one of my friends shrieked excitedly and yelled. "Wow snow!" :D

So we all went outside and were happy to see the ground partially covered with thin snow. One of my friends even opened her mouth to check how snow tasted like. :p It was a happy experience, surreal even.

The grounds partially covered with snow.

After a few days and the excitement had died, we were all complaining about how cold the weather was. Heaters and doubled blankets were not enough to provide warmth. Then we were informed that there was a snow storm, a storm that hasn't occurred to China in years.
Photos taken during the snow storm. Roads were all covered in snow and vehicles rarely passed by.

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